This Maltese Singer Was A Backing Vocalist For Adele At Wembley

The gig of a lifetime


A Maltese performer based in London got the amazing opportunity to sing for international megastar Adele.

Colin Zammit, 44, shared a video taken by an Adele fan which shows him singing in Adele's performance of Skyfall. He was also used to record vocals for the tour's backing track.

"It's been an honour to have had the opportunity to record vocals for Adele's tour and then to sing on stage at Wembley stadium for two nights in front of 98,000 people each night," Colin Zammit wrote on Facebook.

"Gutted for her as she has had to cancel the last two shows due to her having damaged her voice. Wishing her the best," he added.

Adele cancelled her final two Wembley shows after damaging her vocal cords. Before cancelling she had told fans she might have to stop touring altogether.

"Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn't suit me particularly well... I only ever did this tour for you and to hopefully have an impact on you the way that some of my favourite artists have had on me live. And I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don't know if I'll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home. Thank you for coming, for all of your ridiculous love and kindness," she had said in a hand-written note she posted online.

Colin Zammit is an actor and singer based in London who has performed in various musical theatre productions including the Phantom of the Opera in London's West End. He is the brother of Darrin Zammit Lupi, a celebrated Reuters photographer.

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