Mega-Playlist Called 'Talent Malti' Appears On Spotify

And the creator is asking for more suggestions

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More often than not, there's a bit of a disconnect between expectations and reality when it comes to Maltese music. While some may think there are only a handful of artists around, others might think the whole thing is not worth diving into. Thankfully, neither is really the case, and one Spotify playlist wants to prove just that.

The very aptly-named Talent Malti is a mix of songs from Maltese artists all over the islands, be they established bands, up-and-coming singers or experimental side projects. The songs themselves are also very varied, covering everything from metal and pop to indie and hip hop. 

As it stands, Talent Malti contains over 60 different local artists, and we're willing to bet there's more from where that came from.

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"It all started with me commenting on a friend's photo where he was showing off his collection of local albums," playlist creator Ivan Giordano told Lovin Malta. That's Ivan, the bassist of radio-topping band Relikc. "In the comments, there was a link to a Spotify playlist with only two or three very famous local artists."

"It was then that I thought, 'Why not create a playlist with as many local artists as I can think of, to promote local music on a new one-stop link on Spotify?'" Soon, Ivan was taking requests, limiting his playlist to one song per artist so as to level the playing field. 

"Unfortunately, not every Maltese artist is on Spotify," Giordano said. "In fact, many bands are still not on there. I would love to add their music to the playlist once they're on there, and it would be great for all new emerging artists to put their music on Spotify so the playlist keeps growing". 

Needless to say, Talent Malti includes some of the biggest names to ever make it in the Maltese music scene (and abroad). Winter Moods, Beangrowers, The Rifffs, Ira Losco and Xtruppaw are all here. 

Beyond the familiar mainstream names that many Maltese will instantly realise from the airwaves, like The Travellers, Airport Impressions and Red Electrick, the playlist also boasts other, smaller movers and shakers from the alternative scene, like ClandestinesThe Violent Violets and Eyes to Argus. Seeing as hip hop is currently becoming such a wealthy scene in Malta, blazing newcomers 215 Collective are of course also there.

Also featuring on the list is Robert Farrugia, who although not a household name on the island, has managed to amass over 500,000 plays on his title track Slow Morning. That's double what the track had just a couple of months ago when Lovin Malta had featured it as one of the most viral Maltese tracks of the year, and yes; that's more than the entire population of our country. 

"I want this playlist to be a collaboration between local artists and fans alike, and I don't want any Maltese musician or singer who's currently on Spotify to be left out," Giordano told Lovin Malta. In fact, he's been asking people to suggest other artists he might've forgotten to add, and will be regularly updating it.

Are there are any other Maltese artists on Spotify who should be featured on Talent Malti

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