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New Year, New Day: Red Electrick Drop Malta’s First Hit Of 2019

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It’s the start of a new year, and artists all around the world will be looking to kick off 2019 in style by doing a number of things… from dropping a surprise single, to coming up with some beautiful, metaphor-heavy lyrics to inspire their fanbase.

Local favourites Red Electrick just went and did both.

On the very first morning of the very first day of 2019, the beloved band got to work and posted their newest single New Day to their Facebook page.

The song is about the start of the year being a fresh start and an opportunity to deal with the new year challenges head on, so the 1st January release couldn’t have been better timed.

Beyond the perfectly-timed time of release, the track’s lyrics are true heart-strings pullers.

With an intro that starts with the line “let the sun undress the night, let the shadows disappear and the morning light cut through”, how can you not appreciate that poetic artistic feel to it?

“I started off the main chord progression after a really inspiring gig of a great band in Los Angeles and Aleandro crafted the main piano riff shortly after. Joe wrote the vocal melodies and the lyrics in a really short amount of time and we recorded the vocal straight after. This was 3am and we were really buzzing, the memories of those sessions are amazing!”

When you consider that the song is inspired by a story of one of the band members’ close friends having to deal with a rough patch, it’s pretty evident why these lyrics are so heartfelt and important to the band.

“Coincidentally we were talking about this today. The gigging life is extremely hectic and can be unhealthy at times.” Red Electrick’s Peter Borg told Lovin Malta. “It’s a fun job, but keeping fit is as important as making good music. We haven’t mastered the keeping fit part yet, but hopefully we’ll get there!”

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It’s only been a day since Red Electrick dropped New Day, but the feedback has already been stellar, and we can already tell that the track will soon become Malta’s first radio hit of 2019.

Facebook users applauded Red Electrick for starting the new year with such a positive vibe and can-do attitude to whatever this year will bring.

Red Electrick Comments 1 1
Red Electrick Comments 2

Comments posted to Red Electrick’s Facebook page

When asked for their 2019 goals, Red Electrick told Lovin Malta “we’re simply looking to release more and more music, keep on pushing our own boundaries and never fall into a comfort zone, create more projects, entertain each crowd in front of us and, most importantly, enjoy it in the process.”

The song had been uploaded to SoundCloud and waiting for an official release on December 28th. It’s expected that New Day will hit airwaves this week and a music video will also be out soon enough. The song will be part of Red Electrick’s 4th album which is set to be released some time in 2019.

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