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Ok, Why Is All I Want For Christmas Malta’s Top Played Song On Spotify??

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We all want 2020 to be over already but can someone please explain to me why Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is topping Malta’s Top 50 on Spotify in May, please?

Along with like 15 other Noël jingles might I add…

It’s mid-May and Malta has just recorded its hottest day of the year. Summer is fast approaching but it seems the Maltese population is already two seasons ahead (or backwards?)

Now don’t get me wrong, All I Want For Christmas is an absolute banger and undoubtedly the best Christmas song out there – don’t argue with me on this one. And there’s absolutely no shame in having it on your Spotify playlist for a cheeky listen every now and then… we’re all guilty of it.


But when 14 of 15 of Malta’s top 50 songs are Christmas hits, including Let It Snow! and Feliz Navidad, it does have us scratching our head…

Something is up… has quarantine driven us insane or was the coronavirus created by Mariah Carey’s PR team in an attempt to make her relevant again?

Oh wait, it just so happens to be that Spotify hasn’t updated Malta’s profile in five months… which I guess explains why we’re stuck in Christmas mode.


Or does it?

Tag someone who listens to Christmas music all year round!

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