Prime Minister’s Fave Singers Revealed Ahead Of Malta Orchestra ‘Playlist’ Concert

Joseph Muscat appears to have a varied musical taste...

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The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra’s controversial concert of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s favourite songs is coming up next month, and people have now been given an idea of what to expect.

And it appears Muscat has a varied taste in music and that his playlist includes soft rock/commercial pop band Coldplay, classics like Dire Straits, Bob Geldof and Gianna Nannini, and popular Maltese band The Travellers. 

“The show will allow people to see a different side to the Prime Minister, which is his musical tastes,” the orchestra’s executive chairman Sigmund Mifsud told TVM. “It will be a light music selection, including rock, pop and contemporary music. It will be a music concert which combines the tastes of the attendees.”

The show has been scheduled for 24th February at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. It has expanded from its original idea as an orchestra, and will now also include performances from Maltese singers, such as Glen Vella, Tiziana, Kevin Borg, Ozzy Lino and Mikaela. The entire show will be coordinated by leading dancer Felix Busuttil, who had addressed a Labour mass meeting in the run-up to last year’s general election. 

Ticket prices have not yet been set, but all proceeds will go to the Marigold Foundation - a charitable NGO run by Bank of Valletta and chaired by the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat. 

The concert was met with derision and mockery on social media when it was announced, with Corinne Vella - the sister of assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia - describing it as something straight out of North Korea and Net TV presenter Frank Psaila calling it “the cult of the leader”. 

What songs do you think belong on the Prime Minister's playlist? 

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