Malta's Best Mass Meeting Went Down Last Night

And no, it wasn't where you're thinking

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Last night saw the last mass meetings of both major Maltese political parties attracting tens of thousands of people, but what many failed to realise was that the best mass meeting ever was actually happening somewhere else. 

This is the Partit Medjokratiku (AKA Xtruppaw)

Xtruppaw are one of the country's top satirical bands, and 12 years after forming, last night's antics showed everyone they're far from slowing down.

While many people initially groaned at the unlucky coincidence of a snap general election falling bang in the middle of Earth Garden (a festival known for its positive vibes and nonpolitical agenda), Xtruppaw made the most of the comical situation. In the weeks leading up to the festival, they went ahead and announced that their performance would be a Mass Mijting Kapaċi, embarking on one of the best (and funniest) marketing campaigns for a performance ever.

Fans of the band took to social media in the days leading up to the performance to show their support to the band-turned-faux-political-party, and after a couple of weeks of perfectly-timed (and perfectly-packaged) marketing, it all went down last night, of all nights, in Ta' Qali's National Park.

As if this wasn't enough, Xtruppaw showed up in full suits (purple ties and all), and even had a branded podium from which an opening speech was given. "My Maltese and Gozitan brothers," frontman Noel Cuschieri shouted in an all-too familiar political orator tone at the very beginning of the performance. "It was important that we have this mass meeting today before tomorrow... before this whole space is turned into apartment blocks!"

The band continued to pepper in short 'speeches' in between songs, but it was classic, crudely hilarious classics like Dlamm Ċappa w Riħa ta' Ħara,  Il-Puberta' and Gloria Tonna that really got the crowd going.

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And hey, after everything was said and done, Xtruppaw had their own little bribing gift for the election ahead; a purple condom, sarcastically paired with the words, "For your children's future."

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