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The Busker: ‘We Need To Stop Obsessing Over Winning The Eurovision’

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The Busker’s Dav.Jr recently broke down his views fresh from taking part in the Eurovision during an interview on the ‘TVAM’ program, urging people to shift their focus from winning to experimenting in the Eurovision song contest.

“We need to stop obsessing over Malta winning this festival,” he said, urging aspiring Maltese artists to focus more on experimentation and creativity.

The singer referenced the rock band Let 3’s performance of “Mama ŠČ!” at this year’s Eurovision in Liverpool as a perfect example. The Croatian band successfully grabbed the attention of audiences and critics alike, not solely for their music but also for their striking stage attire.

He suggested that Maltese performers could learn from this approach.

In his words: “Malta should be prepared to perform poorly or to capture attention.”

The Busker, who performed in the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision, gave a performance that he described as “unprecedented.”

Their song was innovatively divided into three acts on stage, a creative choice that enhanced the dynamism of their performance.

Despite not winning, Dav.Jr pointed out that the trio was not disappointed.

In fact, their performance attracted increased interest in the band. The singer revealed that international producers are now vying for their attention, with prospects of their song “Dance (Our Own Party)” possibly getting airplay on international radio stations.

Eurovision, as Dav.Jr sees it, is more than just a music competition – it’s a journey of personal growth. After The Busker’s performance in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in February, he admitted to shedding tears and having breathing issues due to a lack of confidence on stage. However, the competition taught him to overcome his anxiety.

By the time they reached Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest, Dav.Jr reported feeling no fear, leaving the Liverpool Arena stage with a smile.

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Do you think it’s time to shift gears on the Eurovision?

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