Is This The Sexiest Maltese-Made Music Video In History?

Crazy hot people in slow motion alert!

This Maltese-made music video has just dropped on YouTube and it is smoking hot. It was directed and shot by Maltese filmmaker Andrew Randon for Sean Quincy's newly released EP called U&I. The song, "I Can't Even", is sultry and sexy  – but the video will have you sweating like a hormonal teenager.  

Let's talk about the stars of the video: Sean Manché (who is actually Sean Quincy) & Nicole Ebejer. These two hotties make young love look like the most raw, hot, sexy thing on earth. So nothing like the traumatic, fumbling, blunder that is the truth of young-adult relationships.

Sean's electronic-RnB-pop-soul sounds are all super easy and sexy-listening. And you've got love anyone who covers an early Destiny Child hit and turns it into the most slow-grind worthy tune you'll hear this week.

Screen Shot 2016 12 21 At 11 24 40

The female half of this sizzling video is Nicole Ebejer – a gorgeous model who recently took part in the evocative 'Black Porn' exhibition. She is owning everything she's doing right now. More please.

Screen Shot 2016 12 21 At 11 24 31

Okay, we're going to need to stop for a cold shower. We'll just leave these here. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 21 At 11 37 50
Screen Shot 2016 12 21 At 11 38 20

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