These Are Malta's Top 6 Eurovision Hopefuls

According to YouTube views

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Sixteen singers will battle it out tomorrow to win the chance to represent Malta at Eurovision in Kiev this year. But who will win? In the absence of betting odds, we've decided to look at YouTube views to get an idea of which songs are most popular. These are the songs that gained the most traction online, reaching 20,000 views or more. 

6. Maxine Pace: Bombshell

From the get-go, this song brings back memories of artists like Meghan Trainor who have been making big waves internationally. Maxine's Bombshell is maybe the best shot we've got at getting a piece of that cake, and we can definitely see a track like this dominating the airwaves in summer.

5. Kevin Borg: Follow

The Swedish Idol 2008 winner is back for one more crack at representing Malta in the Eurovision, and with a song like that, Kevin is already hitting many people right in the feels.

4. Franklin Calleja: Follow Me

Franklin hits all the right (and high) notes in this ballad that's as classic a Eurovision contender as they get.

3. Claudia Faniello: Breathlessly

Getting tantalisingly close to claiming first place a couple of years before, Claudia Faniello has shown people time and time again that she's got the full package to represent Malta. But does she also have a song to back that up this year? A lot of people seem to think so.

2. Brooke Borg: Unstoppable 

Last year's runner-up is back for more in 2017, and Brooke looks set to put up a proper fight to the top with this powerful track that has amassed nearly 35,000 views in just one month.

1. Janice Mangion: Kewkba

If YouTube views alone decided who gets to represent Malta, this would be a clear winner. Racking up nearly as many views as the second and third places combined, Janice Mangion's Kewkba can very well bring back songs in Maltese on the big stage at this year's Eurovision.

Who do you think deserves the top spot tomorrow night?

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