Things Claudia Faniello Needs To Change To Actually Do Well

All this from a major fan

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As huge fans of the show (and of this year's winner, Claudia Faniello), we feel there's something that needs to be said.

As things currently stand, Breathlessly isn't going to rank as well as Claudia deserves. 

Her talent is impressive, and her tone is special, and that's why we need to be a little cruel to be kind. Here's our advice to Claudia's team, from #TeamClaudia.

Dear people in Claudia's Eurovision team, please...

1. Get her to watch VH1' Diva's Live on loop

Claudia has already cemented herself as one of Malta's iconic divas, but to stand out from a crowd of international singers, she should learn from the best. Here are the two most important lessons.

a. Running and belting is impressive, and the true mark of a diva

b. Confidence and sass will make you stand out even amongst renown divas 

2. Add a verse in Maltese

Despite being a beautiful song, Janice Mangion's Kewkba was the runner up because so many people wanted a song in Maltese. 

We shouldn't alienate our potential voters with a song entirely in our language, but a cheeky line always adds a fun flare to the song.

3. Tweak the song

Ballads are the perfect style for someone as vocally talented as Claudia (literally no one can deny her ability to sing). But there's something about Breathlessly that didn't have the same pulling power as Pure.

With a little work on the melody in some and a super strong team to tighten the whole thing up, the song will rank much higher.

4. Plan a memorable set

Ballads don't always have to be a stand-still-and-hold-mic performance, and the solution to that isn't a bunch of uncoordinated dancers in the background. Having a memorable on-stage experience could really carry Claudia's performance to the next level.

Think P!nk spinning through the air belting Glitter In The Air, or if you're looking for an example closer to home, check out Azerbaijan's 2012 entry Drip Drop.

6. Create a flawless PR strategy

Everyone knows that half the Eurovision's votes are won before the actual night. Here are a few things to focus on.

a. The Faniello siblings being a part of Eurovision's history

Find out how many other siblings have taken part and play on that connection, have Fabrizio speak about Claudia's talent, get them singing together (maybe even covering Another Summer Night)

b. Get her to sing covers of famous songs

Sure, it's important to promote the actual song, but Claudia's tone is unique and recognisable. If people hear her singing songs they know and love, they'll take notice of her talent.

If you needed proof of this, check out her incredible cover of Debbie Scerri's Let Me Fly at 3:35

c. Tell her story

Claudia's had her heart set on Eurovision for a while now, but the story in everyone's mind shouldn't be about her nine attempts. 

She's been vocal (and inspirational) about her battle with bulimia, she's a talented and creative songwriter, she's an ally to the LGBT+ community and has been in the game a while. This is the Claudia people need to know, not the thinly veiled 'she won by default' headlines.

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d. Get people talking about her

It worked for a certain orange individual in the US, so it can definitely work for the Eurovision. It shouldn't be negative press of course (unlike said orange individual), but if she's involved in big projects or viral content, she's already one step closer. 

e. Call up her old friends for a duet

Remember when France's entry duetted with Claudia instead of that year's winner? Awks.

Well it's time to call on old friends (and new ones) to sing along with our vocal powerhouse.

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