This Maltese Band Has The Best Marketing Campaign Ahead Of Its Next Performance

Say hello to the Partit Medjokratiku

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Beyond their hilariously crude songs, Maltese band Xtruppaw have always been ones for quirky gimmicks and unforgettable antics, with their performances frequently seeing them dress up in anything from 80s hairspray rockers to cowboys and ninjas. For their next performance a mere two days before the snap general election, however, they went all out, initiating an entire mock political campaign.

Xtruppaw are now Partit Medjokratiku

The faux-political party also comes fully included with a logo, party colour (a very apt purple which looks like a mix of all the other running parties), and a professional photoshoot of the usually extremely casual lads all in full suits. 

Kudos to the extreme attention to detail; Partit Medjokratiku looks like something scores of people can easily get behind. And forget L-Aqwa Żmien ta' Pajjiżna and Jien Nagħżel Malta; PM is all about X'aktarx nistgħu żgur, which perfectly embodies most people's sentiments ahead of this short-lived but intense political campaign.

All of this is being done ahead of Xtruppaw's return to Earth Garden, one of island's largest music festivals, which this year coincides with Malta's snap general election on the 3rd of June. 

Xtruppaw will be taking the stage on the 1st of June for a performance they're calling the Mass Mijting Kapaċi, close enough to be perfectly topical without breaking pre-election silence on the eve of the big day.

To get you in the mood, here are some highlights from Xtruppaw's previous shows (and matching outfits) over the years.

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