This Maltese Teenager Is All Set To Win The Nation’s Heart With His Music

Luke might be young, but his songs already speak volumes

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The deep lyrics and soulful voice will almost transport you into a secret world of your own. The mellow beat and the melancholic rainy-day-feel to the music will feel like someone just wrapped a blanket around your shoulders. Then, you'll realise this amazing new Maltese artist is still halfway through his teenage years.

In just one day, Luke Chappell got over 2,000 views on his channel, and with a talent like his, it’s really no wonder. At just 15 years old, Luke is paving an amazing future in the music industry. This young man is working on an ethereal album, Cosmic Heaven, which speaks volumes.

This is Luke’s first album and he’s been working on it for the past five months with the help of his mentor Glen Vella and producer Aldo. They’re both very supportive of Luke, helping him out through his journey in the country's music industry.

“Growing up was difficult," Luke told Lovin Malta. "My parents fought a lot, I was told to not get in the way. But this was something that helped me grow.” It’s thanks to this that Luke could blossom his musical talents and share his experiences through it.

He always found heaps of support and love from his mother, who has always urged him and pushed him in pursuing his passions in life. His song, Lost Faith in Humanity, was inspired by her, and speaks about how one tries his best to never lose faith and trust in God.

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Cosmic Heaven means a lot to Luke. He went through many hardships throughout his childhood and adolescence and this album is his way of helping people to not feel isolated and relate to what he went through. Some people told him that the lyrics are heavy, but these songs speak of personal experiences and feelings.

His song Young Dumb Things was written by him, and was inspired by how people his age feel and how they deal with life. The songs in this album are very relatable, and it’s clear to see that they all mean a lot to Luke himself — along with other people who listen to them.

Cosmic Heaven is not yet finished, and Luke is still working on the songs and there are still a lot of them he still needs to write.

“I need to write a lot of material still, but it will all be published this year hopefully,” Luke said. Either way, it's safe to say that this young man is going places.

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