This Young Maltese Hip Hop Artist Who Moved To London Four Years Ago Needs To Be On Your Radar

He's been constantly dropping tracks and casually getting tens of thousands of plays

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With hip hop music currently going from strength to strength all over the world, Malta's been churning up some insane young talent. A coupe of years before this recent resurgence, there was Chris Birdd.

Christopher Mizzi had always been very passionate about music, particularly hip hop. When turned 22, he decided to take things to the next level, and moved to London. Never looking back, Mizzi (now Chris Birdd) has a whole library of tunes to show for it.

"Moving to London taught me that most challenges we face aren’t nearly as difficult as we make them out to be," Chris told Lovin Malta. "So often we think something is going to be difficult, so we don’t even try. But when we make a little effort to overcome an obstacle, it’s surprising how often the limitations are merely something we’ve made up so that we don’t have to put forth that hard work to create somethingGetting out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow, it’s simple."

Chris Birdd hasn't stopped dropping tracks on Soundcloud for the last couple of years, where he's amassed nearly 200,000 plays. His latest track, Motion, hasn't even been up for a whole week, but is already doing the rounds online. But for the young Maltese hip hop artist, life in London is not just about the music.

"It’s been incredible," he told Lovin Malta. "The people I’ve met and the experience I’ve gained cannot be replaced with anything else. The lifestyle here is super fast paced, so it keeps me on my feet and doesn’t allow me to lose focus."

Losing focus is definitely not on Chris' agenda, no matter what people might think of him. "Don't ever let fear control you, simple as that," he closed off the year by telling his followers on Facebook. "Learn to not give a fuck about what people think or say. Take risks, push boundaries, gas yourself up. All you need is you."

Chris Birdd might be four years into his London adventure, but it sounds like he's only getting started. And if that means venturing out of his current comfort space one more time, then so be it.

"A lot more music, visuals and shows are in the works," he told Lovin Malta. "My time in London is coming to an end as I’ll be leaving the U.K. to move to California. I’ll also be spending some time in Toronto."

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