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Three Days To Go! It’ll Soon Be Too Late To Vote For Your Favourite Lovin Music Awards Nominees, So Act Fast

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The wait for the Lovin Music Awards keeps getting shorter and shorter, but that can only mean one thing; it’ll soon be too late to vote for your favourite local artists!

We’ve announced the lineup, we’ve announced the nominees. The stage has been set and the musical acts will be there. Now, it’s up to you to get your ticket to Malta’s biggest awards show of the year and support those you voted for on this one special night.

Speaking of voting, you only have three days to go until voting for the LMAs closes.

On Tuesday 8th October at noon, voting will officially end, so make sure to support your favourite artist before it’s too late!


What happens on Saturday 19th October is one for the history books.

For the first time ever, some of Malta’s best and most promising musicians will walk up to the stage in Paola’s new venue WH21 and collect the prestigious, one-of-a-kind LMA… and you decide who gets to do that. Head over to our website and vote for who you think deserves an award.

Beyond the nominees, though, the night’s audience will also be treated to a number of performances by some of the island’s finest and most beloved musicians around.

So be sure to buy a ticket and join us for a night of music and celebrations! In the meantime, here’s a list of all the nominees who are up for a prestigious LMA this year:

1. Best Album – Sponsored by Cafe Cuba

  • Love Juice, by Fuzzhoneys
  • Together To Get Here, To Get Here Together, by The Ranch
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, by The Busker
  • Il-Ħlas, by Djun
  • Incognito, by Eddie Fresco
  • Massacre Masterpiece, by ClubMurder

2. Best Producer – Sponsored by SEED

  • Matteo Depares
  • Siconix
  • Peter Borg
  • David Vella
  • Howard Keith
  • Cyprian Cassar

3. Best Music Video – Sponsored by CISK

  • Thunder, by Maxine
  • Chameleon, by Michela Pace
  • Bad Habits, by Ira Losco
  • High, by Matthew James
  • Candy, by Fuzzhoneys
  • Ersaq fil-Qrib, by The Travellers.

4. Best Metal Act – Sponsored by Jules

  • Align The Tide
  • MartYrium
  • ClubMurder
  • Abysmal Torment
  • Beheaded
  • Forsaken

5. Best Upcoming Female Artist – Sponsored by TD Plus

  • Michela Pace
  • Giorgia Borg
  • Gaia Cauchi
  • Maxine
  • Mikaela Attard
  • Ela Mangion

6. Best Upcoming Male Artist – Sponsored by Bortex

  • Luke Chappell
  • Owen Leuellen
  • Kevin Paul
  • Aiden
  • Sam Christie
  • ANT

7. Best Collaboration – Sponsored by PEPSI

  • Amber & Mary Rose Mallia: Tifkiriet
  • Ira Losco & Owen Leuellen: Hey Now
  • The Travellers & Red Electrick: One
  • Emma Muscat & Biondo: Avec Moi
  • Toby & Matthew James: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down
  • Chef & Yannick: Trip

8. Best Solo Artist – Sponsored by Hero Gaming

  • Alexandra Alden
  • Matthew James
  • Emma Muscat
  • Ivan Grech
  • Ira Losco
  • Eddie Fresco

9. Best Urban/Hip Hop Act – Sponsored by Bridgepoint

  • Eddie Fresco
  • CHEF
  • Chris Birdd
  • Yannick
  • Lapes
  • Caro

10. Best Alternative Act – Sponsored by Miss Selfridge

  • Beesqueeze
  • Lucy’s Last
  • Brodu
  • Brikkuni
  • The Velts
  • Fuzzhoneys


11. Best DJ – Sponsored by Burger King

  • Debris
  • Tiffany Pisani
  • Ziggy
  • Kugene
  • LEX
  • Carl Bee

12. Best Pop Act – Sponsored by GEMO

  • Emma Muscat
  • Ira Losco
  • Kevin Paul
  • Luke Chappell
  • Maxine
  • Michela Pace

13. Best Classical Artist – Sponsored by Bridgepoint

  • Joseph Calleja
  • Cliff Zammit Stevens
  • Maria Angela Gauci
  • Nicola Said
  • Federica Falzon
  • Gillian Zammit

14. Best International Success – Sponsored by Vascas

  • Emma Muscat
  • Giorgia Borg
  • MartYrium
  • The New Victorians
  • Joseph Calleja
  • Gaia Cauchi

15. Best Live Act – Sponsored by Planet Hollywood

  • Tribali
  • Ira Losco
  • Ivan Grech
  • The Travellers
  • Red Electrick
  • Versatile Brass

16. Lifetime Achievement Award – Sponsored by FINO

  • Gillian Attard
  • Howard Keith Debono
  • Ray Mercieca
  • Freddie Portelli
  • Joseph Calleja
  • Tenishia

17. Best Song – Sponsored by EGG

  • Place, by Micimago
  • Hey Now, by Ira Losca feat. Owen Leuellen
  • New Day, by Red Electrick
  • Head In The Clouds, by Luke Chappell
  • Thunder, by Maxine Pace
  • Ersaq fil-Qrib, by The Travellers

18. Best Dance Track – Supported by EBD Academy

  • Place, by Micimago
  • Strut, by Where It’s ATT feat. Relikc
  • Silicone Soul, by Mykill feat. Undine LaVerve
  • One Night Stand, by Husko & A/P
  • Don’t Let The Sun Go Down, by Toby feat. Matthew James
  • Pacer, by Carl Bee


19. Best Band – Supported by Festivals Malta 

  • The Travellers
  • The Busker
  • Red Electrick
  • ManaTapu
  • Sterjotipi
  • The Crowns

Beyond this, there’s also another award up for grabs

The aptly-named Best Performance Of The Night (sponsored by GO Music Wildcard) will be decided by you, the audience, on the night of the LMAs, and it’s all down to the performing artists to win your vote!

This show is gearing up to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before and you really don’t want to be the only person on the island who isn’t there.

So go ahead and purchase your ticket below and secure your place. We’ll see you there!

We’d like to thank our official partners GOMalta Public TransportCisk and Festivals Malta who are helping make the LMAs a reality

We’d also like to thank our official sponsors: BortexBridge PointBurger KingCiskCafe CubaEgg RecruitmentEngineering Building Design AcademyFestivals MaltaFinoGemo, GENKIGOHero GamingJulesMalta Public TransportMiss SelfridgePepsiPlanet HollywoodSeed Dance StudiosTD Plus and Vascas.

Tag someone who still needs to vote for the Lovin Music Awards!

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