Top Eurovision Blog Wants 'The Travellers' To Represent Malta At Eurovision 2018

Is it time for a break from wavy-haired divas?

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Photo: Albert Camilleri / Facebook

The number-one Eurovision blog has put out its annual list of performers it would like to see during next year's contest, and their selection for Malta is the indie-pop sensation, The Travellers.

Despite singing exclusively in Maltese, the boys got a special shout-out as the group who is most likely to break the curse of the boyband, which usually sees bands failing on the main stage. 

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"Their recent hit 'Xemx u Xita' charted well and dominated the island’s airwaves, as did 'Semplicita' beforehand. Plus, they shared the stage with Ira Losoco — perhaps Malta’s most iconic Eurovision star — at last month’s Beland Music Festival."

Speaking to Lovin Malta, The Travellers said it "came as quite a surprise, albeit a pleasant one."

"We are delighted that despite the fact that we are currently only writing songs in Maltese, we have still been noticed internationally. We understand that the Eurovision is a platform for local talent, and we would love to see more Maltese-language entries!"

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Photo: Albert Camilleri / Facebook

"For the moment we are focusing all our efforts on writing the best album we can possibly write. Truth be told, it is a bit overwhelming at times. We are taking this step by step and we want to keep enjoying what we do."

"We are so thankful for the continuous support we've received since then, and this incredible journey has no doubt served as inspiration for this upcoming album. We hope that this is just the beginning for us, and we look forward to sharing more Maltese music with all of you in the very near future."

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