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Top Of The World: Is Ira Losco Set To Feature On Fifa 20’s Soundtrack?

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You heard it here first: Ira Losco might have bagged a spot on the coveted Fifa Soundtrack for their 2020 Season video game.

Now, nothing is official just yet, as Fifa like to roll out the spots on their soundtracks in a rather slow fashion, but apparently a leak of the playlist had surfaced on Reddit recently and an eagle-eyed fan had taken note before it was taken down.

The featured track, Top of the World, is a 2018 release from EDM artist GARABATTO that samples Ira Losco’s fabulous vocals


So far, only three tracks have been confirmed to appear on the list, but with the amount of international attention Malta has been getting recently, we don’t see why Ira shouldn’t nab a spot on the collection.

What do you think? Has Ira been placed on the soundtrack for Fifa 20?

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