7 Types Of Radio DJs in Malta

Get to know who you'll be spending most of your days with.

Bishop Banter

Seeing as traffic jams are getting worse every day, people are spending more and more time in their cars, and that most likely means more quality time with your favourite radio DJ. Here are some archetypes that you must have already come across during your daily commute.

1. "L-aħjar diska fid-dinja bħalissa!"

This Is The Best

Look, we get it. You're entertaining the people on a daily basis, and sometimes you might feel like you need to justify your song choices. But if each and every song you play is magically the best song ever at the exact time of playing, you sort of start losing credibility. Especially if it's the sixth time the station's playing that Coldplay song today.

2. The Lame Jokester

I Get It I Dont Get It

Sorry to break it to you, but stand-up isn't really your thing. You had a minute of talking planned out, and this is what you come up with? Oh dear. 

3. "Kompetixijn Tajm!"

Oprah Win

There's always that one DJ that takes care of all the sponsored competitions on the radio. Maybe they feel like if they help enough people to win, they'll be liked more? Sure love.

4. "Għatihom O' Mulej il-mistrieħ ta' dejjem..."


Having a radio station entirely dedicated to religion isn't all that bad if that's what some people feel like they want or need, but it's the Maltese way of going about things that gets to us. You know, playing funeral songs and praying for the dead 24/7. Inject some Gospel positivity into it guys, spread the love! 

5. The Dynamic Duo

Power Couple

Taking a hint or five from successful foreign entertainment duos and making the most of pre-set stereotypes - sold. It'll only be a matter of time until every radio station has one of these now, and we honestly can't wait for the Radju Marija DJ Duo.

6. The Political Propagandist 


Normally only found on the two major political parties' radio stations, this DJ will take every opportunity to push the station's agenda forward. Listen in astonishment as they turn an overplayed 80s classic into a nostalgic sociopolitical rant on "the good old days of this country."

7. Is anybody even listening to this?


Sometimes, you find yourself on some random radio station you didn't even know existed. Amongst the static, you hear a frail voice introduce some horrible Maltese karaoke-style cover of a forgotten 70s hit. You're not sure whether you've stumbled into an alternate reality and you're the only one who's tuned in, and the DJ seems to be thinking the exact same thing.

BONUS: The Best of All Worlds

Epic Nod

Lists and joking aside, that's not to say that aren't some great radio DJs out there, and finding them hidden amongst the whole lot makes them even more special. You know what we're talking about - that DJ that always plays your favourite songs, actually tells funny or relatable stories, keeps a musically open-mind, respects / researches / plays local artists, and most importantly, sounds like they actually know what they're doing. You know who you guys are, and we thank you!

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David Grech Urpani

Sarcastically ironic, Dave is a recovering hipster musician with a penchant for chicken, women's clothes and Kanye.