WATCH: Emma Muscat And Biondo's Steamy New Music Video Has Everyone Falling In Love With Malta's Starlet

'Avec Moi' has obviously also shot all the way up to number one on YouTube's Trending list

Quashing any and all rumours of troubles in paradise, Malta's young starlet Emma Muscat and Amici rapper-singer finalist Biondo made fans' 2019 and topped iTunes charts last week with the release of their collaborative track Avec Moi. Over the weekend, though, everything went on overdrive when the single actually got a music video.

Playful moments, slightly more flirtatious shots, and all-out steamy scenes feature in the music video to Emma and Biondo's summer hit hopeful, and seeing the pair happy and together again definitely managed to bring a smile to both stars' fans.

The video itself goes back and forth between a couple of scenes, including Biondo as a Parisian-style painter, Emma Muscat standing inside an old Citroen... and shots where Emma's just chilling in a bubble bath looking fab AF and drop-dead gorgeous.

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Over the weekend, the track blew up, and the super positive comments quickly started pouring in

In just over 24 hours, the video hit a million views, also reaching Number One on YouTube's Trending list.

But even beyond the views and likes, the comments quickly revealed a massive trend; everyone is in love with the Maltese starlet.

Pretty much every single person in Avec Moi's comments section had the same thing to say; Emma sounds and looks great in this, with people going on to wonder out loud how she ever got eliminated out of Amici considering her insane arsenal of talent and looks.

And of course, seeing as this is an Emma-Biondo track and official 'reunion' confirmation, some fans were also quick to comment about how great the couple look together.

Over the weekend, Emma herself took to Instagram to thank everyone for their support, trying to put her emotions into a couple of emojis and stickers into words, and even posting an adorable shot with her blonde beau in the process.

Screenshot 2019 05 06 At 09 52 40
Emma Muscat Biondo Avec Moi Comments

Giulia Tigli has some feelings about Emma

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