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WATCH: ‘Ħadd Ma Jista’ Jwaqqfek’ – Lapes Kicks 2021 Off With Emotional Single Debuted On Malta’s Got Talent

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He might’ve not claimed the top prize by the end of it all, but Lapes’ fiery performance on last month’s Malta’s Got Talent Finals proved to be the perfect national platform. And with just 13 days into 2021, he’s making the most of it.

Exactly a month after that performance, the young rapper took to Facebook to share a brand new single and video… a song which will sound familiar to the tens of thousands of people who were following MGT in its final weeks.

Il-Mawra sees Lapes take a more emotional approach to his typically sarcastic and scathing lyric-writing. Written from the nostalgic point of view of a boy and his grandfather, it’s equal parts witty songwriting and heartwarming advice. 

From the vocal chops of Nadine to his entire production team, the whole gang is here for the single… and it’s an extremely promising start to 2021.

As the full, four-and-a-half-minute music video unfolds, things take an even more personal touch, as Lapes talks about his own experience with losing his grandfather.

And, to make things all that more emotional, the video actually ends with a photo of Claude Agius, the rapper himself, along with his late grandfather.

Il-Mawra has already been very well received, with the video getting over 3,000 views in its first 48 hours.

On Christmas day, Lapes had actually taken to Facebook to not only tease this single, but also what 2021 would look like for his followers. And it’s already looking like a big year for the young rapper.

“I’m missing you a lot,” the rapper began. “Thank you so much for all your support, I know I’ve told you all a million times already, but I feel I need to keep telling you. And I’ve honestly read all your comments.”

“We’re going to see you next year, we’re going to keep the momentum, we’re going to keep being consistent,” he promised.

“Let’s make some noise together, because the controversy is just getting started, I’m telling you,” he teased, smiling. 

And when someone like Lapes says something like that, you know it’s going to get very interesting very soon.

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