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WATCH: ‘If You Don’t Leave, You’re Stuck Here’, Gaia Cauchi Reveals Hardships Of Being A Musician In Malta During Covid

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Amidst a global pandemic, and with wavering support from the government, one of Malta’s most decorated musicians believes that for one to succeed, it might be time to venture overseas. 

“I feel like if you don’t try and move out of Malta, you’re just going to be stuck here,” said former Junior Eurovision winner and starlet Gaia Cauchi on today’s episode of Lovin Daily. 

“Covid had me really thinking about moving abroad to London simply because it would be much easier for me to work on my music. They have huge studios and plenty of songwriters to work with. I love working with Maltese people but it’s very hard here,” she continued. 

Malta’s art and entertainment industry are amongst the most hard-hit by the pandemic and a recent comment by Culture Minister Jose Herrera about the business mentality of artists served only to spark outrage amongst local creatives. 

“Hearing that comment was very disheartening,” Gaia continued. “Artists work so hard and to be creative you have to have a high IQ. It was sad to hear because we put in a lot of work in things we do.”

The 18-year-old starlet recently signed a publishing deal with US-based company Kobalt Music and Prolific Songs – a major deal that will help disseminate upcoming releases to audiences across the world. 


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“We are working on an EP, it is going to have five or six songs. We’re not sure on a song yet. It will be coming out over the coming months,” she revealed about her upcoming plans. 

Gaia’s latest release, Message, was a raw and emotional pop track released off the back of a breakup and translated into an authentic performance on screen.

“I wrote the song around two or three years ago with Sean Farrugia. At the time I hadn’t gone through anything similar so I didn’t want to release it. Of course, I never thought it would actually happen,” she said.

“I released the song this year because I felt like I could actually relate to it. I want my music to be raw and emotional and I want to relate to my music myself so people can relate to it.”

Gaia is expected to release an EP over the coming months with the help of her new publishing company Kobalt Music x Prolific Songs.

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