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WATCH: ‘I’m Sorry Mama, It’s Time To Do Something Stupid’ – Did This Maltese Rapper Just Get A Massive Face Tattoo For His New Single?!

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You’d be living under a rock if you called yourself a Maltese hip hop fan and didn’t know who Eddie Fresco is. One of the hottest young rappers the island has to offer right now, the 215 Collective rapper is gearing up for his biggest project to date… but it’s his latest single that managed to garner quite a lot of attention online this week.

“It’s time to do something stupid,” Eddie Fresco told his 4,500-strong following on Instagram, uploading a video in front of his favourite tattoo parlour

So far, so normal; the young rapper has paid multiple visits to Caine Tattoos in Msida, a place where he got numerous tattoos, a massive snake neck tattoo and even some small ink on his face throughout the last two years. Sharing the whole experience with his Instagram followers is also something very normal for Eddie Fresco… but what was coming next wasn’t.

Eddie Fresco proceeded to show a stencil of a large tattoo that read LOUD GANGSTER RAP… and proceeded to seemingly get it inked just moments later

“I’m sorry mama,” the rapper (justifiably so) wrote, showing a photo of his face emblazoned with the three words.

Soon enough, Eddie Fresco explained what that story was all about…

It turned out that LOUD GANGSTER RAP is actually the name of a track the young rapper will be dropping tomorrow ahead of the weekend, marking Fresco’s second single from his upcoming mega-project INCOGNITO, launching this September.

As you’d expect, the artist’s page blew up in the hours that followed, with an Instagram post explaining it all – and the single’s accompanying artwork (fittingly so a photo of Eddie Fresco’s face) – getting over 666 likes in a matter of hours. After all, there’s dedication, then there’s this.

Fans of the local rapper and his hip hop collective will probably already be familiar with the words LOUD GANGSTER RAP… and that’s because they were at the centre of a hilarious controversy earlier this year

Last April, 215 Collective had actually headlined one of the nights of Rock The South, a popular alternative music festival annually held at Zion in Marsaskala’s San Tumas Bay. As police descended onto the venue right after 215’s performance and forced the festival to abruptly end earlier than planned, people had taken to social media to complain and argue… be it on the police shutdown itself, or the noise in the area.

When one person (who ironically lived in the legal grey area that is the San Tumas boathouse complex) complained that she couldn’t sleep because of the “loud gangster rap” blaring out of speakers on the Friday night, Eddie Fresco had taken the opportunity to write and release a song about the whole controversy, deciding to name it after the hilariously innacurate label his group had received. And that he did… in just under 48 hours.

Now, though, the track is set to be rereleased, with a music video, international feature by popular international rapper SADGASM and backing by one of the biggest names in the scene right now, Trash Gang. In fact, the American record label itself will be the one breaking Eddie Fresco’s song to the world – and their 1.8 million followers – via the official YouTube page come Friday.

So when you think about it, it would make sense that such a drastic stunt would be accompanying this song of all the tracks Eddie Fresco has lined up for the rest of 2019.

After Loud Gangster Rap, Eddie Fresco will be unleashing even more tracks and announcements ahead of INCOGNITO’s launch… and who knows, maybe more shocking surprises?!

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