WATCH: International Superstar Joss Stone Teams Up With Local Folk Band... And Even Sings In Maltese!

The English singer, songwriter and actress described the collaboration as "a wonderful highlight" of her trip to the island

"Incredible encounter" is definitely one way of putting the latest collaboration a Maltese band was lucky enough to be a part of. Beloved local folk band Etnika have been known to mix modern songwriting techniques with traditional methods of storytelling. And for their latest endeavour, the band teamed up with none other than Joss Stone.

The English superstar was on a trip to Malta earlier this October for an acoustic performance in Paceville, when she met up with the band in Valletta. In a video uploaded earlier today, Joss Stone sits with the four-piece folk band to discuss their popular track Maddalena... and have a go at singing some of the Maltese lyrics herself!

"It was an unexpected and awesome experience," Etnika's Alison Galea told Lovin Malta. "We were contacted by her management as she wanted to perform with a native Maltese band. It was all very short notice!"

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"She told us she learned the lyrics and studied the song real quick and turned up and we just jammed it together," Alison continued. "It turned out great, and she was sweet and very excited about the band, the song, and the origins of the music. She's a super professional with a strong voice and lovely presence, so it was very fun."

"Meeting the band Etnika was a wonderful highlight of our trip here in Malta," Joss Stone said on social media earlier today. "We were all swept away by the sweet sounds of the group. A modern folk band with songs that present a revival of old traditional Maltese instruments and a fusion with contemporary ones, made a perfect collaboration."

Joss Stone also had some great words to say about Maddalena too, saying the tale of unrequited love is "a song with beautiful lyrics that feels timeless."

Joss Stone rose to fame all the way back in 2003 with her multi-platinum album The Soul Sessions. That same album made the 2004 Mercury Prize the following year, and she has since then been touring different countries and uploading collaborations with folk bands from anywhere from Antigua to Georgia as part of her Total World Tour.


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