WATCH: Joseph Calleja's Perfect Rendition Of A Timeless Classic On BBC One's Andrew Marr Show

This morning's show also featured Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, TV presenter Piers Morgan and Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington

Joseph Calleja has been steadily going from strength to strength. 

Currently starring in Tosca at Covent Garden's Royal Opera, the Maltese tenor took to BBC One this morning to close off today's The Andrew Marr Show.

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This morning's edition of the one-hour show also featured from big names from the British political scene.

Minister for the Cabinet Office David Lidington MP was on to discuss recent developments on Brexit and Prime Minister Theresa May's image with the public in light of recent events, while TV presenter Piers Morgan spoke about the first international interview which his "old friend" Donald Trump had recently granted him.

For the last segment, Andrew Marr sat with leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn to discuss everything from the ever-going Brexit controversy to the issue of self-identifying transgender people who wanted to be included in all-women shortlists for Parliamentary selections.

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Malta's own Joseph Calleja closed off the show with an impressive rendition of Mattinata, an opera favourite which had been written in 1904 for the great Enrico Caruso. Marr introduced the song as "one of the most beautiful classic songs ever composed for the male voice."

The Maltese tenor teased his fans with a live video from backstage just over an hour before he went on air. "Here I am, yesterday I was dying in Rome," Calleja said. "And here I am, it's not even 8am yet, and I'm getting make up."

Calleja's performance ended with a resounding applause from all gathered in the studio, including Andrew Marr and Jeremy Corbyn themselves. 

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