WATCH: Local Singer Translates Portugal's Winning Eurovision Song Into Maltese

'Amar Pelos Dois', meet 'Imħabbitna'

Salvador Sobral and his sister Luísa stole the hearts of millions last weekend with the winning Eurovision Song Amar Pelos Dois, raking in an impressive 758 points on Saturday's Grand Final. And even though it's only been two days, covers in different languages have already started being uploaded.

Maltese singer Andy Muscat, who regularly posts covers of various popular songs on his YouTube account, translated a couple of verses and a chorus of the Portuguese song to Maltese. "When a song isn't in English or a language we understand, like Italian, we as Maltese people don't seem to be too much in favour of a song like it doing well at the Eurovision," he said. "Personally, Salvador Sobral's song was one of the few songs that I still remembered."

Andy is not the only Maltese musician who seems to have been touched by Portugal's entry this year, Red Electrick frontman Matthew James Borg also uploaded a quick acoustic instrumental cover a couple of hours after the Eurovision winner was announced. "I'm not a Eurovision fan, but this year's winner is incredible!" Borg said.

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