WATCH: Maltese Busker Makes A Hit In Berlin Restaurant

And Picks Up A Musical Friend Along The Way

Local singer and musician Kevin Paul Calleja has taken to the streets of Berlin in his first stop on a European busing tour of self-discovery. So far on his journey he's met with seasoned musicians, played an impromptu restaurant gig, and even scored a free plate of chips. 

Calleja has set off on a Euro-busking tour in order to learn more about the European music scene and to broaden his own experience as a musician. Berlin is his first stop in a series of cities he plans to visit, including London, Lisbon, and eventually (he's still deciding on this one) somewhere in the Netherlands. 

"This year I'm fully dedicated to music, and I'm currently working on my first ever original song. I came to Berlin for busking experience, and to understand the music scene outside of Malta. And you know what? The people here a so so honest and appreciative. Music is a universal language."

After spending time busking in public areas in Berlin, Calleja has met a number of musicians who have joined in with his act, including Mistah Isaac, a musician who works chiefly in Portugal. Isaac has invited him to head over to Lisbon to spend some time record in the recording studio.

"He's one of the most talented people I've ever met," Calleja tells Lovin Malta.  "He's active in Lisbon as a producer, singer and songwriter. We've been discussing some new ideas, including me going to Lisbon to perform there and produce songs."

One the highlights of his tour so far has been a chance-gig at a Berlin restaurant yesterday. Calleja, joined by Isaac, played popular pop songs to a crowd of jubilant, singing restaurant goers. 

"I feel so motivated after yesterday, it feels good to be shown appreciation. We just went in for a burger, and while we were waiting for our food I tried some new stuff on my guitar and started softly singing some covers. Suddenly there was this table full of people humming the songs with me!"

Well, we're excited to see where this musical journey will take our Lovin Lounge star, and will be keeping a watchful eye on his busking-travels. So far he's got potential studio-time, awesome musician contacts, and the love of the people. Winning, we think. 

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