WATCH: Maltese Dance Act Takes On Bullying And Racism In Dark Video

Waterfall Dancers are back with a strong message

It seems Malta has no limit to the amount of quality dance videos it can produce. The latest killer video to come from the island comes from the guys and gals at Waterfall Dancers and features some of the coolest and youngest dancers on the island going ham with some the bleak Kordin Industrial Estate behind them.

The dance is set to a $uicideBoy$ and Pouya banger, a curiously dark track that is not typically used in Maltese dance videos.

But choreographer Ludivine O'Toole wanted to do something different.

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"It's about the anger of people suffering from bullying, racism, and other things," she says. "I wanted to show that if these people gather enough courage, it could get aggressive."

Ludivine wanted to show what it is like for the bullied to stand up for themselves, and grow from it.

"We wanted to portray a sense of overcoming obstacles and reaching the top which was symbolised by the sports car. Overall, the theme was quite gangster but in the sense of improving, not in the sense of being the next bully," she says.

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The video was shot with some help from Marley Lagana and his crew, and has already started receiving praise from Maltese fans.

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