WATCH: Maltese Duo Take You On A Psychedelic Trip

Blackfawn express their 'hopes and dreams' in debut video

Relocating to Berlin, founding members of the local band Skimmed Alexandra Aquilina and Daniel Borg have re-christened themselves as Blackfawn, and have just released the video for their song, Hopes & Dreams. 

In what is a swerve towards darker territory than what we've grown used to with Skimmed, Blackfawn deliver an gothic wall of sound that is markedly different from the punk vibe we had grown used to with their previous band. 

Hopes & Dreams is already getting some attention from the German music blogosphere. From our end, we're loving the song's haunting sound and trippy visuals. We recommend you sit back and let this winding, psychedelic journey do its work on your brain. You won't regret it. 

Hopes & Dreams is preceded by Blackfawn's debut video, Generation 14. 

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