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WATCH: Maltese MEP Candidate Teams Up With X Factor Contestant To Questionably Cover Bob Marley Song

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For a brief moment in time, a Maltese MEP candidate and an X Factor Malta contestant teamed up to cover a Bob Marley song; and the universe smiled.

Peter Agius, candidate for the Nationalist Party in the upcoming elections next month, ended up performing with Ben Purplle during one of his meet and greets – literally called ‘Meetpete’ – in Valletta.

“We had some serious groove there,” Agius laughed about the video to Lovin Malta. “We wanted to bring youth and politics together, and had loads of people who would never dream of going to a każin. Soon, the thing turned into a jamming operation.”

Ben Purplle And Peter Agius

Peter Agius and Ben Purplle

The jamming session soon turned into an impromptu cover session that saw Agius try to take on Bob Marley’s iconic vocals in his ‘Redemption Song’ – with mixed results.

“I am not a singer at all – in politics we often take the microphone, but it’s one thing to babble about parties and to vote for the Nationalist Party, and a whole other thing to face people with your non-existent singing skills,” he said.

Saying that he wanted to get out of his comfort zone, he also explains how the particular song in question means a lot to him.

“Redemption song is something very intimate, about how a man can free himself by finding inner strength. And Ben knew the music, so we did it,” he said.

Now that Agius has officially laid down the gauntlet for singing Maltese politicians, can we get a political version of ‘Desire’ around here… oh wait.

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