WATCH: Maltese Rapper Drops Emotional Single About Life After Breaking Up

'Wake me up, when the sun goes down, when the moon comes up'

One of Malta's hottest rappers has just dropped the visual to his latest single, and it's already on replay all over the island.

Eddie Fresco of 215 Collective fame has released 'Wake Me Up', the emotional and raw single from his EP A Soul For Mine. In the video, Fresco is seen high up on Dingli Cliffs with a woman, both morosely exploring the land.

However, soon after, a doppelgänger Fresco rolls up, and the two Frescos come face to face

Eddie Fresco told Lovin Malta why he had to write the song

"Wake Me Up is basically about the aftermath of a relationship, when the one that gets hurt would rather sleep throughout the day rather than facing the reality that he or she is not with their significant other," he said.

"Wake me up, when the sun goes down, When the moon comes up"
- Eddie Fresco, Wake Me Up

"Those lyrics mean the person would rather be up when everyone's asleep to think, rather than face the everyday communication with people," he said.

With other stunning visuals under his belt, the latest single from Eddie Fresco just continues to confirm that this Maltese lyricist and rapper is definitely one to watch.

Eddie Fresco will be performing alongside Caro and Yannick of 215 Collective at their first live show at Rumors in Pieta

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