WATCH: Maltese Singer Jazzes Up BBC's Latest Talent Show

She had over half the judges stand up and sing along and was even third for a while

Francesca Chess Galea made her big debut on BBC One's All Together Now last Saturday night. The new talent show promised to add the twist of 100 judges sitting down in front of performers, with points being awarded according to how many of the 100 actually stand up and join in on the song. And one of the judges is none other than former Spice Girl Geri Horner!

Chess took the stage to belt out a rendition of All That Jazz from the popular musical Chicago. With leading performances before her getting 83 and 80 points, Galea had 61 points to beat to enter the top three. 

By the end, more and more people kept standing up, until Galea eventually got exactly 61 points, managing to tie for third place.

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"I was third for a while, but then I got knocked off by The Sundaes," Galea told Lovin Malta of her experience. "Their performance was extravagant and great, so it's all good." 

The Sundaes trio ended up getting a whole 92 points, but the young Maltese singer still ended up being one of the highest scoring of the night.

Francesca is not the only Maltese singer to appear on All Together Now. 

"I'm not allowed to say who it is, but you'll know him," Galea teased Lovin Malta. "You'll find out the week before he's going to be on!"

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