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WATCH: One Of Malta’s Most Admired Alternative Bands Is Back With An Indie Summer Hit And A Surprise EP

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A long hiatus ended in a summer road trip for one of Malta’s most acclaimed alternative bands, nosnow/noalps, who have made their triumphant return with the release of a fresh indie disco summer track.

Find Another Way is the beginning of a new chapter for the eclectic four-piece who released the track followed by an announcement that a brand new EP is around the corner.

And Find Another Way provides a sneak peek of what is to come, with the single bringing a refreshing and invigorating vibe to a summer season in desperate need of some alternative hits.

With crisp production and catchy beats, we wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from a stalwart act like nosnow/noalps who have been dipping in and out of the alternative scene for the better part of 14 years now.

In order to celebrate their return, nosnow/noalps also released a retro-inspired music video featuring the four musicians taking a road trip around Malta in a classic Morris Minor.

With the top-down and shades on, the music video along with the track really makes this the perfect summer listen.

Like a fine wine over time, nosnow/noalps have progressively continued to impress over the years and the band believes so too with high expectations set for the upcoming five-piece EP.

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