WATCH: Red Electrick Drop First Song With New Frontman Joe Roscoe

'Right Here' is the first single from their upcoming fourth album

A decade after first hitting the scene, Red Electrick are still one of the foremost local bands in the Maltese mainstream, performing sold-out concerts all over the island (and beyond) for the last 10 consecutive years. And while fans might've been disappointed to hear that famous frontman Matthew James Borg would be leaving the band for personal reasons, the band have already followed it up with their first single with the new frontman.

The freshly-released Right Here marks Red Electrick's first release with new frontman, singer-songwriter Joe Roscoe. The young Maltese artist had been making waves busking in Manchester, and has just spent four months recording REK's new tracks. This not only involved work at their own studio, but also a couple of trips to Los Angeles, where they worked with seasoned producers and even managed to seal a gig at the legendary Whisky A Go Go.

Right Here, which serves as the lead single from the band's upcoming fourth album, manages to blend the sound and style that Roscoe fans will recognise, while still bringing together Red Electrick's signature good vibes. Add to that a summery BBQ in one of Malta's most iconic beaches, and you've got your hands on an instant winner for the warm season.

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This Friday 11th May marks Red Electrick's first official gig in Malta with their new frontman, and the event was opened on an invitation basis. In less than two days, 500 invites to the gig - taking place at Ryan's Pub - were already gone. 

If you didn't manage to secure an invite, however, never fear; REK plan on touring the island throughout this year.

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