WATCH: Red Electrick's (Slightly Trippy) New Music Video 'Sinner'

Yes, there are mushrooms and flying rose petals.


Known for their varied music style and creative music videos, Red Electrick have just changed it up once again with the groovy release of their music video 'Sinner', taken from their third album 'Inside you' released last March.

The video was produced by V Squared Media, who also worked with REK on the popular 'Everybody's Listening' vid. The fantastic illustrations of 'Sinner' were done by talented tattoo artist Guy Lee, who spent days on the drawings which were then passed on to V Squared Media for animation and editing.


The Idea behind the song and music video is The 7 deadly sins and the band's reaction to the way society may negatively perceive alternative lifestyles and be judgmental towards those who adopt said lifestyles.


The luggage: a repeated theme seen also in 'Who The Heck Is Rek' and 'The Runaway' music videos.

Have Red Electrick just outdone themselves once again?


Let us know below what you think of this awesome new vid!