WATCH: Renato Powers Through Painful Face Injury For International Performance

Supported by childhood friend Mary Rose Mallia

London's 2017 Malta Day was at risk of a serious cancellation as on star performer seriously injured his face ahead of the show. But despite his black eye, Renato didn't let anything get in the way of entertaining the gathering crowds.

In a video sent in to Lovin Malta, Renato was introduced on stage by legendary Maltese singer Mary Rose Mallia. The two go way back, and Mary Rose quickly explained the reason behind Renato's new look. "No, he didn't go boxing yesterday. Miskin we were walking, and he just fell," she announced. "It will definitely remain as a souvenir of London!"

The people in the audience can be heard commenting on Renato's black eye and his face, which was visibly banged up, even from a distance.

Screen Shot 2017 09 12 At 12 02 29

Mary Rose went on to explain how the two have been friends since they were 18 and 19 years old, and how in all that time, they've never had one argument. This didn't stop Renato from passing a very quick jab at how it might've been Mallia behind his black eye. A couple of seconds later, the two kicked off the performance, with Renato powering through his facial injury for the rest of the show.

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Malta Day is an annual event now in its 17th anniversary to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Victories. It's also organised to bring the Maltese community in the UK together, and gets a great deal of support from the High Commissioner of the Maltese Culture Movement.

In an odd coincidence, Pope Francis was also left with a very similar black eye and a cut on his brow after the Popemobile braked sharply in Colombia. Seeing as the two celebrities took it like proper champs, we couldn't help but wonder; who wore their bruises better?

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