WATCH: Stop What You're Doing - Freddie Portelli Just Released A New Song And We're Living For It

Tinkwieta xejn!

Look, if you live in Malta, you need to know who Freddie Portelli is. He hasn't really been active for a while but he is a staple in Maltese music, history and culture.

For many reasons, but mostly because of this song.

He's been hiding out recently, but now, at the bright young age of 75 years old, he's just gone and reminded us all why he's such a legend with the release of a brand new single.

Everyone knows Freddie's go-to phrase 'Il-kbir għadu ġej!'

For the foreigners in the audience, that roughly translates to 'the big one is still on the way'... but it makes sense in Maltese, promise.

Anyway, that iconic phrase is the title of his new single, and let me tell you this; it is a BANGER.

Screen Shot 2019 04 23 At 11 07 37

It includes all the Elvis-type 'ooh's and 'ahhh's, rock 'n roll acoustic guitar riffs, horn instruments and iconic one-liners full of Freddie-wisdom. It kind of makes me want to chuck on a red polkadot dress, tease my hair and wander down to the closest każin.

The video is just as iconic, with retro footage of Freddie back in his heyday doing his thing on the stage and looking pretty fly

There's also footage of him now... still looking pretty fly.

Screen Shot 2019 04 23 At 11 07 01

The single was launched to promote the upcoming jukebox musical of the same name that will include all of Freddie Portelli's most iconic hits

Mur Ħallini will obviously be one of the highlights of the show, but the musical will also feature many other known hits like Viva Malta, Xewqat Sbieħ, Se Jkolli Nemmen and Għal Dejjem.

Il-Kbir will also feature lesser known jewels like Bħalek Hawn Kemm Trid, Ma Taħraqni B’Xejn.

Screen Shot 2019 04 23 At 11 10 22

Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej will premiere on the 9th of August 2019 and run for two weekends at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

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