Winter Moods Frontman Raises Over €20,000 For ALS Malta At Second Solo Concert

Around 2,000 people showed up to Valletta

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Winter Moods frontman Ivan Grech put up a two-hour concert on the 18th July as his second solo concert ever, and the concert ended up raising €20,088 for ALS Malta. The total amount was a result of revenue from ticket sales, along with donations. The concert also managed to raise that much money thanks to partners and sponsors covering the cost of putting up the whole thing.

On Wednesday, Ivan Grech presented the impressive amount to Bjorn Formosa, who has been working tirelessly for his organisation ALS Malta. "It was a huge honour for me to collaborate with Ivan Grech," Formosa said in a Facebook post. "A very generous, kind and one true friend."

Some 2,000 people showed up to the concert in Valletta, which covered covers and Winter Moods hits alike. Ivan Grech was accompanied by Jeremy Micallef and David Cassar Torregiani on guitars, David Ciantar on keyboards, Robert Galea on bass and Raphael Tonna on drums. The backing vocalists were Angela Spiteri, Jackie Pace Delicata and Louisa Frendo Wirth.

At one point, the Winter Moods frontman was joined by international pianist Pascal Kravetz for a special rendition of Miss You and Bridge Over Troubled Water, which were only made more intimate thanks to the accompaniment of the La Voix children's choir.

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