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Young Maltese Musician’s Debut Song About His Dog Makes Finalist Shortlist In International Songwriting Competition

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A young and talented local musician’s debut song has made it in the top 10 finalists for an international songwriting competition.

For many, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a bump in the road, but for nine-year-old Benjamin Magro it led to the discovery of his gifted musical talent.

The young Maltese musician’s debut song, Talk, has made its way to Song Academy’s Top 10 Finalists in its annual Young Songwriter Competition based in the United Kingdom.

More impressive than the song and feat themselves is the story behind the song…

One day after an online lesson, Benjamin introduced his parents to a song he had written – a song about his best friend, his dog Chip.

“It was a very emotional song about his feelings and attachment to his dog in the absence of friends whilst in isolation,” a press release said.

Ben has no musical background, experience or training but he managed to pen out the lyrics and put together the catchy melody for this track.

“It was special so his parents decided to follow it up and nurture his interest in using music to express his feelings,” the press release continued.

Ben and his family approached SongSmith duo Dav.Jr and Matthew James Borg who coached Ben and helped produce the song to a professional standard.

And before they knew it, young Ben’s debut song has now made it to the final round of an international competition!

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