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‘Normalise Breastfeeding In Public,’ Maltese Mum Pleads In Touching Instagram Post

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What sounds natural to some is, somehow, a taboo for others, and breastfeeding in public still isn’t accepted by everyone in Malta.

Preaching to normalise breastfeeding in public, Maltese mum Leah Camenzuli recently posted a picture of her breastfeeding her son on Instagram.

Camenzuli gives her two cents on the issue in the caption:

“The beauty of breastfeeding – any time, anywhere.”


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Note that Camenzuli and her baby were only positioned in the sun to capture this sweet moment. But she thinks breastfeeding in public should be normalised in Malta.

“There’s a part of me that wants to preach about breastfeeding freely without judgement in public, but honestly it shouldn’t even be a discussion.”

Stating that it is up to mums when and where they breastfeed their baby, Camenzuli writes: “If you don’t want to fuss with covering up or find somewhere “discreet”… don’t! Your baby is your priority,” Camenzuli wrote.

Fellow mums jumped into the comment section, supporting Camenzuli’s message.

“It’s sad that this is actually an issue. How can feeding a child be offensive? It’s something I could never wrap my head around. I know you might not feel like it should be a discussion (I don’t either), but it is, so go ahead and preach mamma…” one comment reads.

“This is what it’s all about. Way to go mama. Female bodies are miracles!” another mum wrote.

“Very well put! It’s so sad that this is even a topic,” commented another Instagram user.

“It’s also the most natural thing in the world and I couldn’t care less what others think. I try to be discreet about it because it may make others uncomfortable but if baby needs the boob, baby gets the boob – whenever and wherever,” said another mum.

Do you agree that breastfeeding in public should be normalised?

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