13 Iconic Maltese Bars That We Never Want To Have To Say Goodbye To

Special mention: Saddles. RIP.

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Honestly, give me a good old Maltese bar over your fancy champagne and gin bars and five star restaurants any day. There's nothing like sharing a bottomless plate of ħobż biż-żejt and one too many pints of Cisk with your friends over the din of Maltese gossip.

These are 13 typical Maltese bars we'd hate to see lose the battle against over development. Here's hoping they stand strong against the test of time for many, many more years.

1. Żmerċ

Triq Birbal, Ħal Balzan

The classic of classics. Expect cheap drinks, free food, and loud people.


2. The Pub

Archbishop Street, Valletta

This iconic Valletta landmark is best known for being the place Mr Oliver Reed had his very last drink.


3. Zion Reggae Bar

Near St. Thomas Bay, Marsaskala

Classic reggae tunes and summer nights go hand-in-hand at this legendary hang out.


4. Lady Di Bar

Hughes Hallett Street, Sliema

The only thing more English than this bar's name, is its clientele.

Lady Di

5. Hole In The Wall

High Street, Sliema

One of Sliema's oldest pubs may have recently been given a makeover, but it still stands strong for its original love of live music and all things indie.


6. Gleneagles

Triq il-Vittorja, Mġarr (Gozo)

A fisherman's bar through and through. From the decor, to the dishes, to the patrons.


7. Tony's Bar

Main Street, St. Julian's

Neighbour to the iconic late Saddles, Tony's is the perfect spot for some pre-Paceville eats and drinks on the cheap.


8. Reno's

Howard Street, Sliema

Not a bar, not a confectioner's. But both. Reno's is an iconic spot for all Sliema residents, past and present.


9. City Of London

Triq il-Kbira, St. Julian's

Pass us a pint and a pack of cards, please. Say that five times fast.


10. Paradise Exiles

Just off Tower Street, Sliema

More affectionately known as 'Shack' by the regulars, Paradise Exiles has also recently been given a bit of a face lift. The perfect summer hang out for a quick round of drinks and some funky live music.


11. Gunpost

Triq Marsamxett, Valletta

Overlooking the sea by the capital, Gunpost Bar is a great place for a mega family reunion. Its practically like being on your own parapett.


12. Maori

Triq il-Lanċa, Valletta

This cosy bar at the very bottom of Valletta is an iconic LGBTQ+ hangout and overall just a great place to gather your friends for a night of drinking and dancing. If you're lucky you can even control the playlist yourself. And costume parties are big there.


13. Charles Bar

Triq Maestro Giuseppe Camilleri, Swatar

Another great spot to hang out with friends and share a few pints over some free bar food.

Charles Bar

BONUS: Black Gold

The Strand, Gzira

We'll sadly have to say goodbye to Black Gold as they get ready to close their doors, but rest assured; it belongs in this list.


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