14 Classic Maltese DJs You've Nearly Definitely Danced To At Some Point In Your Life

One of these guys is legit older than Giorgio Moroder

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Malta's currently enjoying a crop of fresh young DJs who are doing big things - but they wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the mixers who came before them and paved the way for a scene on the island

With Malta's clubbing culture having been going strong since the late-80s and the '90s, some of these guys have been rocking dancefloors for literal decades. Even better, there are a couple of families who have given rise to multiple generations of DJs.

Here are some of Malta's most classic DJs, in no particular order.

1. DJ Dave

The Havana resident DJ you've sang along to at some point in your life, Dave has been DJiing since the year 2000, when he was 18, and is able to turn a crowd up no matter the age or nationality.

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2. Tony Tony

One of Malta's most popular DJs has rocked massive crowds, from Isle of MTV to Cafe Del Mar - and he ain't stopping anytime soon.

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3. Brian James

2019 marks a very special anniversary for DJ Brian James: Malta’s 'godfather of techno music' is celebrating 30 years of deejaying, and his particular take on dark uncharted techno can be heard at Liquid Club whenever he emerges to teach the younger crowd.

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4. Big John

And his sons, Big Al and Joshua

Big John is known in Paceville, having been playing since the '90s, and is often found playing at Hugo's Passion nowadays. DJing must run in the family, as his two sons, Alan and Joshua, have both become DJs in their own rights, becoming well-known during the Empire heydey.

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5. DJ Ruby

One of Malta's most famous DJs, Ruby is a staple of grand dos in the late 90s and naughties. Having collaborated with a bunch of large names in Malta such as Ira Losco, his reputation for massive NYE parties precedes you.


JJoy has been dropping bangers locally and abroad for years now, recently playing a show at the legendary Ministry of Sound in London, in collaboration with MTV.

6. The Chemist

Having been breaking musical boundaries since the early 1990s, The Chemist founded Sonic Mecca and has worked with legendary DJs like Richie Hawtin while exploring the edges of music.

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7. Soul Seductive & Cream Stylez

Two urban DJs who made their names in Havana playing from reggaeton to classic hip hop and everything in between, you can catch Soul Seductive at this year's Chasing the Sun festival and Cream Soundz around the island.

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8. DJ Laser

Making his name at Tremors, DJ Laser can be found at Flashback whenever the party's going off, with his selection of '70s and 80 classics, and some '90s and '00s hit thrown in for good measure, always going down a treat with the loyal crowd.

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9. Biggie & Dirty Dave

Another couple of classic hip hop DJs that got their start in Paceville, they've recently been taking things up a notch by bringing over scratching pioneers like DJ Jazzy Jeff to Malta.

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10. Alfie Fabri

A Maltese pioneer having been mixing since at least the 1980s, Fabri has seen Malta's music scene change, change again and change a couple more times as well.


Tony Tony's father, DJ Babu is still rocking Buġibba crowds at the incredible age of 79. You can catch him at Incognito Bar whenever the party is really going off.

What other classic Maltese DJs need to be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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