16 Things We Wore As Teenagers That Were Fucking Absurd

Malta is still suffering from some of these!

Tisdale Terrible

The noughties was a shameful time for anyone who enjoyed looking good. And if you were an awkward teenager growing up among all this, you didn't stand a bloody chance. 

Below are the 16 most criminally offensive garments we all donned ourselves with during that woeful time, and try not to be too hard on yourself for wearing them - we all did. 

We all really, actually, unfortunately, did.

1. Parachute pants with flailing tassels

A cyclist's nightmare. 


2. Chains to hang off our trousers

In other words: JEANS JEWELLERY. 

And which are still, apparently, a thing.

New Male Hiphop Hip Hop Metal Strap Font B Skull B Font Kulian Belt Men S


3. Circle belts

Which sat atop layered t-shirts and baggy cargo pants.



4. Coloured O'Neills

Whereas some people would argue that normal O'Neills warrant a solo slot on this list, we felt that the baby blues, pinks and even red kinds took the biscuit.

New AssetFile


5. Charity wristbands

Favourites being The Red Cross, LIVESTRONG and the ones that said random buzzwords like 'STRENGTH' and 'HOPE' on them. 

Worn all the way up the arm. 

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6. Ties over anything except shirts

Business in the front, party in the back.

Avril Lavigne Clothes Tie Wall Handrail 3173 1920X1080


7. Mohawks

Because nothing says 'look at my bald head' like a line of vertical hair.

Short Mohawk

8. Studded belts

With the buckle worn on the hip, obvs.

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9. Farmers' caps

This confused the Irish public, as these tweed beauties were usually worn by elderly men trying to keep their scalps from burning while footing turf. 

Then all of a sudden MTV calls them trendy?

What's next, waders?!

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10. Coloured sunglasses

Black lenses were just not a thing, and neither was protection from the sun, apparently.



11. Denim on denim on denim on denim etc

B*witched had this look down years before Brit & JT rocked up in full Canadian Tuxedo.

Bwitched 99


12. Shit highlights

Whether it was zebra stripes on ladies or frosted tips on lads, we all got it wrong. 

Boys Short Hairstyles 2010 Boys Hairstyles Fashion 0


13. Puka Shell necklaces

People would come home from holidays with suitcases full of these yokes, as they'd often break in an explosive fashion.

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Picture: AMAZON

14. Boleros

Honestly, what the fuck was their purpose?

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15. Collars on collars on collars

Making it rain with Abercrombie polos. Pop that shit, bro!

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16. These ridiculous trousers that were too big for everyone

But, to be fair, mums loved them because you were never ever going to grow out of them



Can you think of any fashion disasters for the list? Let us know by leaving a comment on Facebook, or tag a friend who used to dress like this. 

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