6 Paceville Clubs We All Loved That Have Closed Down

You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a strip club

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We all remember our first time going to Paceville. With a heartbreaking goodbye to our mothers watching their tears hit the ground, checking ourselves in the mirror one last time, and sending an SMS to our best friend to meet outside Burger King.

We’re talking 2009 Paceville here; the golden age of clubbing. Pitbull and young Rihanna music blasting up and down the streets, cheaper alcohol, skater high-tops, sunglasses, and gel (so much gel). 

A lot has changed since then. Here are six clubs that sadly didn’t stand the test of time. 

1. Sabor

Probably one of the best clubs around in its heyday. 

With a balcony overlooking the Paceville area and a bar encircling half the club, Sabor was a great place to spend your Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night. 

Probably the only downside was trying to manoeuvre your way up and down the stairs at the entrance after taking a couple of drinks. 

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2. Hotch

King of the pre-drink shots.

With unique shots like the ‘Hotchie’ and ‘Chuck Norris’, and the option to being able to play your own music, Hotch was the place to start your night off with a group of friends. 

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Game Of Thrones Drink

3. Wild Koyote

‘The wildest bar in town’. 

This gem of debauchery was situated slightly lower down from Havana. It's clanky stairs lead you into a centre of cheap shots, greasy poles, and tons of foreigners. 

Legend has it that Kayote's ‘Buy One Get One Free’ tokens can still be seen streaming down the Paceville streets late at night. 


4. Browns

A lot of Maltese people's first clubbing experience. 

Packed with all your underage friends, and dancing to music that should be shamed, and forgotten. It’s probably the place you took your first shot of alcohol... before rushing to bathroom to hide from the police. 

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Fantastic Unsung Duck Size Restricted

5. Nordic (downstairs)


Probably one of the lost wonders of the world. Roll a 6 and get a tray of shots for €1, dreams really do come true. Always an entertaining club to find yourself watching underage teenagers sneak in from the sliding glass doors, before noticing your shoes literally glued to the floor. 

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6. Axis

The biggest and baddest club in town for a couple of decades.

Memories of being packed like sardines while hairy half-shirtless men rocking classic 90’s shades rub on you will be forever edged into our memory. And let's not forget the insane laser show that kicked off every weekend night.

It’s hard to believe this once great monument to clubbing has now become a group of souvenir shops and a Subway.

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What other clubs do you remember? Let us know in the comments below and tag your old PV squad!

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Written By

Daniel Borg Cardona