7 Balls That Will Take You Back To Malta In The 90s

Can you hear the balls sing?

Space Hopper 2

Balls have played an integral part in almost everyone's childhood. But it's more than the fun and games that stuck with us. Without even realising the sounds of our youthful balls has stuck with us well into adulthood.

1. Marbles

The sound of the marbles gliding across the stone surface. The loud impact as they hit. Nothing says childhood like a good old round of boċċi in the playground.


2. Fountain-pen ball bearings

Pried from the empty, plastic ink containers and stored in the bottom of everyone's pen (or in little plastic containers when the pen was too full), these see-through ball bearings rattled with every word we wrote.


3. The computer mouse's trackball

Rolling across the mouse-pad as you desperately tried to move your villagers around your Age of Empire's game, clicking as it wobbled uncertainly after you and your sibling dropped it while fighting over which Limewire tune to pirate.

Mouse Ball

4. Bowling balls

Pins tumbling down, the sad rolling of a ball making its way down the gutter. The smooth sliding sound it made on the wood after the loud bang erupted from its sudden landing. The final clink as it was gurgled up from the back of the alley to join the queue of balls waiting to be chosen.

Eden Bowl Lanes

5. Space-hoppers

The rubbing of plastic against exposed thighs and the dull boinging sound that played every time you flew up in the air, barely rising more than a foot, but fearing you may exit the stratosphere.

Space Hopper Race 009

6. Bouncy balls

Energetically bouncing from the second they left the vending machine you spun them from; these dense little buggers traveled across the world and back, thumping against any surface they could find along their journey.


7. Plastic picnic balls

Printed in red, white or blue (all containing the same black spots) these plastic replicas of footballs were everywhere and made the same hollow sound when kicked. And when they were kicked, there was no telling which way they'd go. They also had a unique sound as they smashed into your friends' faces.

Plastic Balls

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