7 Fox Kids Shows That Made Maltese Kids Want To Be Superheroes

Have yourself another dose of nostalgia


1. Power Rangers

Whether you're more of a Mighty Morphin' or an In Space kinda person, the fact remains that everyone wanted to kick ass in a tight morph suit (and then kick ass again when the villain was resurrected as a giant version of itself later on in the episode).


2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

They had cool names, they ate pizza all day and they had the best banter - weird green skin and heavy shell aside, they were the coolest kids in town. Remember that one friend who always insisted on being Donatello (calm down Jason).


3. Batman Animated

Arguably better than all the current batman movies combined, if this show did nothing else it provided an endless array of reaction shots from batman.

Batman Top 10

4. Spiderman

The meme-master himself, the Spiderman cartoon's legacy will live on forever. But awkward animations aside, Spidey's wit and sass were something every kid looked up to.

Peter Parker Edward Brock Earth 92131

5. Digimon

I dare you to find one person who watched the show and wasn't desperate to have their own pal running around exploring an unknown scary world with them. You don't have to be Ty to be a hero, even Mimi saved the day.


6. Inspector Gadget

For the more refined children out there, Inspector Gadget was an engineer-to-be's dream hero. He didn't need endless hours of martial arts or super powers. He relied on his brain to get shit done.


7. X-Men

Undeniably the coolest show airing at the time. They were the perfect blend of relatable, powerful, sassy and beautiful. The stakes were high and the hair-dos higher - every 90s kid had a favourite X-man (and probably a favourite power from a character they didn't really like).


Y'all are lying if you say you weren't slightly into Gambit

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