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7 Games All Maltese People Will Remember From Their Childhood

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Imagine a time where mobile phones, the internet, and social media where almost non existent. A time when you’d stay up all night talking with your friends, and you were forced to play board games to bond with the family. The dark ages… or just under two decades ago.

Well, in case we encounter any power cuts, or you’re chilling at a beach, or you’re looking for a surge of nostalgia, we’re going back to the good old days, and the seven games all Maltese people will definitely remember playing when growing up. Heck, you might still resort to some of these nowadays.

Sorry PlayStation, you’re not invited to this one.

1. Hide and Seek

El Classico

Doesn’t this throw you back? Being a few years oldl running around through some Maltese garden (or your best friend’s house trying to find a place to hide), without breaking all the expensive furniture ‘Tan Nanna‘?

Depending on which town you come from the game changes slightly, but the aim was always simple. If you were ‘It‘, you had to go find your friends. If you were hiding, you had to make it ‘Home‘ without being seen.


2. Shithead

Or when your younger cousin was over hearing you … ‘Shift head’

The beach, picnic, boat, school go-to card game that we are all inevitably still playing and will be playing again.

Doing everything you can not to be the last player -the shithead – each turn quickly becomes a battle of wits, as you memorise every single card in play to look for an edge and not be the one to pick up the entire pile.

We’re also pretty sure that at a time there were underground high stakes games which cost some Sixth Former a lot of dough.

3. Monopoly

If there was ever a crueller game that taught you the harsh realities of capitalism and general life lessons, we’d love to see it.

You’d start the game off with your family, everybody happy and excited. But soon, your dad will begin grinding you down one by one.

Every roll of a dice becomes more and more expensive .till inevitably you land on Mayfair, with four hotels built up, and you’re selling half your property and having a mid life crises at 14 years old.

Download 1

4. Simon says…

Simon’s daddy owns his own company, and his mummy tells him what a special boy he is all the time, they live in a penthouse in Sliema, and he ALWAYS get what he wants.

This was a really weird game. We were obviously never chosen to be Simon, but if we didn’t follow instructions to a tee, we were told that we lost the game.


5. Uno

If you didn’t play this card game, you missed out on your childhood. We’re sorry.

The plus 4s, the plus 2s, the switching sides, skip a turns, black on black, and the change colours. What an emotional roller coaster of a game.

Stressing you out to make sure the cards you have render you safe… only to be undone by forgetting to say ‘UNO’ on your last card.


6. I Spy

I spy with my oogllyy boogly huge eye, something that starts wiiiiitttttthhhhh…..

Even thinking about it now gives us shivers. Those long car rides when your sibling would just start and bring it up would already feel endless, and this would obviously be the tipping point.

Pro tip: The best players would look into the eyes of the spy to see what they’re constantly looking at.

Tenor 1


If ever you had to use all your brain cells, this is the game for it.

Calculating what cards you have, what cards everyone else has, checking for bluffs, and keeping your cheating sweating ass as calm as you can, until you finally confirm that there’s a cheater.

Feel the happiness as you yell out CHEAT, only for your friend to flip the cards, and see that you’ve been mistaken, and your pile just got a whole lot bigger.


Shy Fine Binturong Size Restricted

What we’re the games you used to play with your friends? let us know down below and tag someone who remembers these!

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