7 Years Later, This Legendary Maltese Band Is Finally Returning To The Stage

Slit are coming back to cause some mayhem in the pit


The Noughties were easily one of the most active decade in the Maltese music scene, and one of the biggest names in the heavy scene from that time is finally coming back.

"Bad news folks, we are back!" local heavyweights Slit announced earlier this summer. After years of rumours and speculation, the band will officially be returning to the stage tomorrow for a blistering night straight out of the 00s.

After debuting in 2000, Slit had released their first compilation in 2001, Vision of Life. They quickly followed it up with Mandra in 2003, stirring countless mosh pits in their wake. They carried on well into the Noughties, eventually becoming one of the biggest bands in the scene for a decade.

Now, Slit are set to make their big return to Żebbuġ's Garage

The local legends will be joined by Goldstein, relative newcomers who have already been shaking things up in the heavy scene.

Tomorrow's line-up brings back one of Silt's very own founding members - Daniel Bezzina (now of A Broken Design) - on guitars. Bezzina was part of the band in its earliest days from 2000-2006, contributing to all of the band's releases including the full length albums Cronaca Nera and Ode to Silence.

Another addition to the line-up is drummer Daniel Said (live session drummer for Beheaded) who joins the band as its full time drummer.

As for the rest of the beasts, Jo Kerr will be taking care of bass duties, while Frank Calleja returns as the band's powerful vocal box.

Tickets for the show - along with some fresh merchandise - are still available online.

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