8 Alternative Maltese Christmas Songs You Should Force Your Family To Play This Christmas

Goodbye Mariah Carey, hello Freddie Portelli

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2 1

Every Christmas requires that cheesy overplayed playlist of terribly mushy songs. We’re sick of hearing it, you’re sick of hearing it, and even nanna Connie is sick of hearing it.

We cannot take another All I Want For Christmas this year, and we’re sure you feel the same (sorry Chucky). So we've compiled a list of alternative Maltese Christmas songs y’all can drunkenly belt out during your infamous family Christmas lunch.

1. Last Christmas

Joe Demicoli

Joe Demicoli is the king of Maltese satire. We’ve already settled this.

Also, his version is way less annoying than the George Michael version. Thank you, Joe.

2. Milied ta' Tama


This local tune is a proper tearjerker. It’s Malta’s cheesier answer to that 'Hey y'all, Africa doesn't do Christmas' song every single shop in Malta plays on repeat. Yes.

Also, there’s like a new version of this every single year. Amazing.

3. Mur Ħallini

Freddie Portelli

This banger is a surefire song you'll want to start belting out as soon as your nanna starts asking why you don’t have an SO yet.

You can jam to this tune as you walk out of this torturous family gathering in style.

4. Ġej il-Milied

The Malta Bums

We’re a bit big on Freddie as you know; we just cannot get enough of Malta’s King.

This is the song that will get your drunk uncle out on the floor. Ta’ żmienu hi.

Another surefire song which will instantly let you know who is drunk and who is completely pissed out of his brains.

5. Kartolina

Youth Travel Circle

This is your mom’s Christmas jam. It will remind her of those days she spent shaking her bum off to The Bangles’ music.

The vocals are pretty cool and it’s quite nostalgic. Honestly, we wish we could travel back in time just to witness the scene they’re describing.

6. Il-Pudina tal-Milied


This. This is the best sing-along Christmas song in existence.

We cannot stop singing to the super effortless chorus. Another great song to get everyone piss drunk and jolly. ’Tis the season to be jolly after all, no?

7. Xewqat Sbieħ

Freddie Portelli

Who doesn’t want to watch mum and dad slow dance? Nobody, that’s who.

We all love those OTT public displays of affection our parents indulge in, so why not enable it with this beautiful song?

Go ahead and play this cool tune when they're already halfway tipsy.

8. Another Lonely Christmas

Divine Sinners

Divine Sinners are Malta’s answer to 90s grunge. This is the staple, slightly depressive song everyone needs to play at the end of the party.

Get everyone feeling some good old doom and gloom coming over their drunk washed up minds. Until next year!

Did we miss out on any cool Maltese Christmas songs? Leave us a comment below

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Written By

Chiara Micallef