9 Reasons Maltese People Loved Will And Grace

And why we're reeling from the news of brand new episodes!


We all wept internally when one of the most hilarious, heart-warming, inclusive sitcoms came to an end in 2006. Ten years later, we were absolutely buzzing when our four favourite characters re-entered our lives for a short, but delightful, sketch in the run up to the US Presidential election.

And now, only a few months after we were gifted with that side-splitting throw-back, it's been announced that the cast will be reuniting for a limited ten-episode run later on this year!

We are beyond excited! And so here are just 9 reasons why Will & Grace was so loved by Maltese viewers.

1. We could all relate to the different friendships in the group

You've got your friend who's a confidant (Will to Grace), you've got your wingman (Jack to Will), you've got the one who gives you tough love (Karen to Grace), and you've got your hilariously inappropriate and un-PC friend (Karen to Jack, and vice versa).

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 17 22

2. Everyone hoped that they would eventually  live in their own amazing apartment with a friend

Well, if by 'amazing apartment' we mean our parents' living room – then we're already living the dream.

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 21 41

3. Because of whenever Grace tried to sing

If anyone's ever sat through a Maltese school play or sixth form soiree, they can understand the hilarity/pain. #stunata

4. Because everyone thought they were the best straight girlfriend to a gay man

Aha, yes. I'm like Jason's "Grace" you know. Besties. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 38 05

5. And everyone knew a Maltese version of Jack

Whether he was out or not...

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 40 06

6. Because Grace's mum represented every Maltese mother-daughter scenario in history

Cue the incessant questioning on why we're still single, why we don't change our hair a bit, why we haven't settled down etc. Told you so dance = qedtlek jien qalbi. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 48 24

7. And Karen and Stanley's marriage was like so many of our parents' friends: a mystery

Seriously, how did these people meet and why are they still together?

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 54 00

8. Unlike her bond with Rosario, which was as unbreakable as any Maltese family's with their own cleaner

Seriously, we have to hold on to them like our life depends on it, because no one in Malta will give out their own cleaner's number...

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 14 58 33

9. Because they reminded us how much fun it is to spend all your time with your friends

And on an island where it's impossible to break free of one another – this is one thing you've really got to learn to cherish. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 At 15 04 40

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