All The Things The Maltese Ate In The 1950s

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The past 60 years have seen Malta go through some serious changes, one of the most significant being our local food scene.

Facebook user and Salottier Bernard Deguara posted a cheeky, yet truthful look at what meals were like back in the day, and how much things have changed since then.

1. No one had heard of yogurt

2. Tea was served through a sieve

3. And it only came in one flavour: tea


4. No one had ever seen a whole pineapple

5. Brown bread was only for poor people

6. And muesli was only for animals


7. Sugar was basically white gold

8. And potato peels were a sign of laziness not style

9. You had to buy kunserva in wax paper


10. Pasta was heavily rationed

11. And it didn't come in packets

12. Raw fish meant poverty, not sushi


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13. Big Macs were just rain coats

14. Minestra was the order of the day... every day

15. Except Sunday - then it was all out

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Photo: A Maltese Mouthful

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