Can You Guess The Connection Between The Church In Malta And The Eurovision?

They do say that singing is praying twice


In a story run by Xarabank about Enzo Guzman's Eurovision misfortunes, it came to light that the first Maltese Eurovision entry was actually submitted by none other than the omnipresent Maltese Church. 

This happened all the way back in the 1960s, but didn't result in Malta actually taking part in the contest because of well, an admin problem.

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It turns out that the Żagħżagħ Ħaddiema Nsara, the group that put forward the entry, were a tad late with their submission – so it was rejected! 

Malta's first appearance in the Eurovision was in 1971, so that means we could have had a few more years of Euro-goodness if time-keeping had been more of a priority for the Church laymen. Who knows, they might have even had a winning song up their sleeves. 

Here's hoping we'll pick one tonight instead. #Amen

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